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sorry for the long post! anyway, i’ve put this doll pattern up on etsy with a very detailed tutorial for $12! the basic pattern without in-depth instructions is also up for $5. please check it out!! i’ve worked really hard on it & i think this type of doll could make a great handmade present for the holidays.

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Anonymous asked: My parents always instilled that sex is natural and no shame to it, but when my mom overheard my phone call and that I was sexually active for the first time, it has been nonstop jokes and remarks. As if it was unbelievable and shameful of me. I'm 20 and I shouldn't feel wrong, but the way my parents are acting as if it is Ok for everyone but me to be sexually active. I am back to being uncomfortable on even the topic of sex and I don't know what to do.

Tell them to their face that they are being extremely inappropriate and need to stop immediately.

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Finally feeling better after a cold and catching up on sleep.

Insomnia is back so I’ll still feel like death tomorrow.

All I want to do is sleep and that is so hard these days.